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Using Finger to Enumerate nix Systems

The following is an example of how to use the Finger command on remote as well as local *nix systems for enumeration. This is a powerful command that can be used to collect info from a remote system. Boot the system into Linux with the help of the resourceful BackTrack DVD, and Enter “startx” at the provided command prompt. Open the Konsole shell and Enter “man finger” in the shell. Go throught the manual. The spacebar can be used for scrolling through the document. Continue reading “Using Finger to Enumerate nix Systems”

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Space competition between nations

The original idea of the space shuttle was that it was primarily for making space flights routine and cost effective. However, in the many years since the first Space Shuttle flight, the cost of traveling into space is still very expensive and not a routine activity. There has been virtually no reduction in cost, and it still remains at more than $10,000/pound, a sum that has not been reduced. The idea of replacing the shuttle is basically to cut this cost by a factor of 10 and be in line with competing technologies, such as the European 5 rocket, costing much less than the American rockets. Continue reading “Space competition between nations”

Information Technology, Sample Thesis Papers

Using Built-in Windows NetBIOS Tools

Before using professionally designed NetBIOS tools, it is wise for security testers to get to know how to use the ones that are built-in as part of the Windows Operating System (OS). Some such tools are the Net view, Nbtstat, and Net use commands. It is better to have a teammate work with you while practising these tools for viewing NetBIOS shares and services. Continue reading “Using Built-in Windows NetBIOS Tools”

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Songodo – the Free Economic Zone in South Korea

South Korea has progressed faster than most nations, and besides international projects especially in the Middle East, South Korea is constructing many prestigious projects at home. The Songdo International Business District is a planned central business district of around 6 km built on reclaimed land, 65 km west of Seoul. It is connected to Incheon International Airport by a highway and is part of the Incheon Free Economic Zone. Schools, hospitals, office buildings and all requirements will be built and will be replicas of famous architectural places such as America’s Central Park and the Canals of Venice. Continue reading “Songodo – the Free Economic Zone in South Korea”