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Essay: Plato’s The Symposium

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Plato’s Symposium is a philosophical tome written by him. The book details the various intricacies of love including its nature and its place in society, its very purpose. They speak of love through details given of the God known as Eros. Eros or Aros in Greek mythology was considered the God of lust, beauty, love and intercourse. On another level it also speaks of knowledge and the how it fits into the realm of human existence. The book is written in the form of a dinner party, more specifically Agathon’s symposium. It was held to celebrate his victory in his first dramatic competition, the Dionysia. The details of this symposium were heard by Plato through various intermediaries. He writes the book from the perspective of being told the story through a man known as Aristodemus.

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Article/Book/Film Reviews, Sample Thesis Papers

Use of imagery in Shakespeare sonnets

Shakespeare’s has a refined sense of incorporating beautiful and exquisite imagery in his plays as well as in his sonnets. He does not indulge into the sentimentality, rather he chooses to write in a language to provoke any feeling he wants in his reader’s mind. Use of poetic imagery is a work of an armature poet. Only a mature and experienced poet can incorporate apt imagery and can stimulate the feelings of his readers. Continue reading “Use of imagery in Shakespeare sonnets”

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Everyone’s life is full of daily challenges. To tackle these challenges one masks himself/herself with different moods appropriate for a particular situation. For instance, when people go out for work, they clock themselves under a mood which is suitable for the corporate sector. However, when a person is at home, he/she become oneself and quit pretense. A home is a place where we experience happiness, sorrows, and joys. These valuable feelings associated with home shape up our lives, our personalities, and our frame of references. No matter wherever we go, we are always connected to our home because the solace we get it is unattainable from any other place. Continue reading “THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME”

Article/Book/Film Reviews, Sample Thesis Papers

Thesis: Embracing Body Art

Life magazine, only 6% of Americans had a tattoo on their body. By 2003, 16% of Americans had more than one tattoo on a part of their body, the Harris poll revealed. This is three times the earlier number and as time passes, more and more people embrace this type of body art. In the 2006 report by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, 24% of Americans between 18 and Statistics like those provided by highlights the growing trend in tattooing. According to the 50 years had tattoos.

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