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Thesis: Contributions of Beatles

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Apart from this the greatest contribution of the Beatles is that they along with their producer George martin removed the old-fashioned 4-track recording technique and established the high track recording technique which was never experimented before.

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Thesis: Causes of Inflation

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Earlier, the changes in prices of international commodities had caused inflation to accelerate across the world. This trend was observed to be at its maximum intensity in developing nations around the world. The class that constituted the financially weak in these countries was the ones in the most danger of a complete financial meltdown. The only breath of fresh air at this point that could be possibly expected at the time when this report was formulated was in the subsequently falling prices. This could allow to a certain degree of positive shift to come about and the revival process could be expected to kick in.

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Business Studies, Sample Thesis Papers

Essay on Starting a New Business

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Starting a new business is one of the toughest things to do. It means that there is lots of things one need to do before even making a first business sale. If a person has the ability to take decisions, be able to work under lot of pressure and be ready for tough times he can do a business. If a person lacks leadership qualities and managing employees business is something he cannot do. Business requires risk taking and a person has to be good enough to take calculated risks from time to time. The first obstacle towards starting a new business is which business to start. A person thinks from monetary aspect as to how much profits he can make. He has to think about the investment he has to make and managing different affairs appropriately. In this article our main topic of discussion will be about starting a new business and what needs to be done in order to get started. Please continue reading to find out more information about starting a new business. Continue reading “Essay on Starting a New Business”

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Songodo – the Free Economic Zone in South Korea

South Korea has progressed faster than most nations, and besides international projects especially in the Middle East, South Korea is constructing many prestigious projects at home. The Songdo International Business District is a planned central business district of around 6 km built on reclaimed land, 65 km west of Seoul. It is connected to Incheon International Airport by a highway and is part of the Incheon Free Economic Zone. Schools, hospitals, office buildings and all requirements will be built and will be replicas of famous architectural places such as America’s Central Park and the Canals of Venice. Continue reading “Songodo – the Free Economic Zone in South Korea”