Autistic spectrum disorders

Autism spectrum disorders manifest themselves in a range of conditions characterized by a certain disruption in social behavior, communication and verbal abilities and a narrowing of interests and activities that are both specific to the individual and are often repeated.

Autism spectrum disorders begin in childhood,but persist in adolescence and adulthood. In most cases, these conditions manifest themselves in the first 5 years of life. Currently, these conditions are classified as a category of pervasive developmental disorders within the broader category of mental and behavioral disorders identified in the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Health Problems (10th issue). 

Autism spectrum disorders are a collective term covering violations such as children’s autism, atypical autism and Asperger’s syndrome. The intellectual level varies enormously: from severe damage to high cognitive abilities. RAS is often accompanied by other disorders, including epilepsy, depression, anxiety and hyperactive attention deficit disorder.

According to available scientific data, there are probably many factors that increase the likelihood of a child developing RAS, including environmental factors and genetics. Available epidemiological data unequivocally indicate the absence of a causal link between autism spectrum disorders and the vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella. It was found that previous studies pointing to the existence of such a causal relationship had methodological flaws.

Similarly, there is no evidence that any childhood vaccine may increase the risk of autism spectrum disorders. In contrast, reviews of evidence for a potential link between the thiomersal preservative and aluminum adjuvants in the inactivated vaccine and the risk of autism spectrum disorders strongly suggest that there is no risk.

Basic facts

  • 1 out of 160 children suffer from autism spectrum disorder (RAS).
  • Autistic spectrum disorders begin in childhood, but tend to persist in adolescence and adulthood.
  • Although some individuals with RAS are able to live independently and productively, others suffer severe disabilities and need lifelong care and support.
  • With the help of such psychosocial activities, based on evidence, how behavioral therapy can ease the difficulties in communication and social behavior, which positively affects the well-being and quality of life.
  • Measures to help people with RAS should be accompanied by broader activities to make the physical and social environment and relationships more accessible, inclusive and supportive.
  • Throughout the world, individuals with RAS are often subject to stigma, discrimination and human rights violations, and their access to services and support is inadequate.

Article 1 – 5 Reasons to start reading Comic Books

“Comics deal with two fundamental communicating devices: words and images, “said by Will Eisner. Indeed comic books are an arbitrary separation. However, in this fast growing and modern world of effective communication they are tend to be treated as liberated disciplines, it seems valid. Simply, they are derivatives of a single origin and in the adroit employment of words and images lay the expensive potential of the medium. Literacy is considered as a complicated yet obliging concept. Individuals are required to read, construe, and understand many various genres of communication and enhance one’s knowledge.

Youngsters spend countless time on playing games and reading comics however they do not realize that how much importance and contribution they are getting to their background knowledge, and ultimately their ability as readers. These comic books should be taken in to great consideration as they give you several benefits. There are five reasons why one should start reading comic books:


Young readers, who are struggling to improve their reading skills, can effectively benefit themselves from the visual format of comic books and graphic novels. It helps to develop interest of the readers with their intense visuals and focus on plot and characters. Comic books are considered as much more engaging as compare to other literary media.


Depending on whether you choose to read an individual issue, or the entire graphic novel, you are exposed to deep character development, or a snippet of the change that a character will experience during a story arc. The readers would repeatedly see the effect of conflict, the influence of setting and the development of theme.


Comics come in many different ways and styles such as science-fiction, actual history, and historical fiction to divert your attention in the story. Similarly, there are many other genres along with its sub-genres.


Limited space in each panel dictates that writers have to choose the best words to tell the story. The illustrations are highly important in comics. Comics serve as a model to young individual writer of how to be picky.


Comics get students invested in their reading – they care more about comprehensive because they want to understand the storyline. Students find comics interesting.

Common Mistakes in Medical Writing and How to Avoid Them

In the current era, a medical institution has become an essential of both the economy and the public health sectors. Proposals for clients, invitations to the public, reports for meetings, and promotional emails, such material requires a perfect writing which is grammatical error free and is proper in flow. Time pressure and stress to get your material delivered at the right time are hectic. Many of the writers find it hard to do business writing as it requires no mistakes. Below are some most common business writing mistakes.

  1. Grammatical errors and Typos: While working in a flow, it is common to make a few grammatical errors and typos. However, it ends up creating a bad impression on the receiver of your material. Try to proofread your material twice or get it proofread by some other writer before releasing it.
  2. Make it Simple: Business writers tend to use jargons, like synergy, high performance or innovation, to make the writing look professional without knowing that these words have gone out of trend. Keep it simple and write the material like you are talking directly to the customer or the receiver and not writing a book.
  3. Forgetting the Reader: While reading the material, writers try to make the business writing material too perfect due to which they forget that they are writing it while targeting a specific audience. Forgetting what the message should be about is a common mistake. Outline the whole document considering the need of the client.
  4. Long Sentences and Words: A writing to attract the reader is only good when the sentences are short, and the wordings are easy and easy to understand. Try to avoid difficult vocabulary. Use simple language which any person can understand. Keep the information straight and short. Avoid using sentences exceeding 20 words.
  5. Failing to Make an Impression: First impression is always the last impression! The first few sentences of your document decide whether the reader will go through the whole document or will ignore it. Starting it with poor wordings or boring phrases would never do any good to your business. Start with an interesting fact and end with an impressing conclusion. Provide all the information you desire but in a way that the reader would like to read. Know your audience and draft your document according to their need and interest.

Avoid making such mistakes to leave a good impression on your reader and help your business grow in an effective manner.

Steps to Write a Perfect Research Paper

Either you are a school student or a college one, you will be asked to write a research paper. Writing a research paper is difficult if your mind is full of ideas. Making an outline and putting all the information perfectly into it might get difficult if everything is not pre-planned. You can always write a research paper easily by following the below mentioned steps.

  • Choosing Your Topic:

This stage involves brainstorming the topics by asking yourself several questions. List down all the questions on a paper. It is mandatory to pick a topic on which the right amount of research is available.

The research paper topics must be unique and relevant to the instructions provided. It is better to choose a topic which you would like to write about. You can also do a survey and ask other people which topic they would like to be discussed to keep the topic interesting. Don’t be afraid to change the topic if you find any difficulty in writing a paper on it.

  • Researching:

After finding the perfect topic, it is time to begin your research. The research sources may vary from books and encyclopedia to web pages and blog posts. However, keep in mind to use credible sources in order to write a good paper. Moreover, try to use at least five sources in your paper. A good research paper is based on the right amount of sources in order to enhance its authenticity. However, if you’re unable to find more than one source, try looking for resources at the end of the source you currently have.

  • Research Paper Outlining and Writing:

During this stage, you have collected all the data you required to start your paper. However, formatting the whole data into meaningful information is the most crucial part. List down all the data you have collected. Organize the data into several segments. Determine which data would go into the introduction, discussion, and then the conclusion. Think about the goal of your paper and form a thesis statement.

Always remember to restate your thesis into the conclusion. The conclusion of a research paper contains all the main points discussed. At the end of this paragraph, take a stand on the topic and write your opinion on it. End the research paper either with a well-observed question or an opinion about the topic.

 The steps mentioned above are the best ways to write a perfect research paper easily. Always remember to cite credible resources in order to make your paper look authentic. Make use of your creative mind and integrate uniqueness into your research paper to make it stand out.