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Thesis: Einstein as a believer of Cosmic Religion

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He also believed in the concept of a cosmic religion. One which connected all life forms together in a conceptual manner that was unknown to humanity. This was the basis of his experiments into the nature of light and waves. This also allowed him to accept all theories and all perceptions of reality. His belief in the rationality of the universe was absolute and he had a true need to understand its intricacies (Galison, Holton, & Schweber, 35, 2008).

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Thesis: Causes of Inflation

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Earlier, the changes in prices of international commodities had caused inflation to accelerate across the world. This trend was observed to be at its maximum intensity in developing nations around the world. The class that constituted the financially weak in these countries was the ones in the most danger of a complete financial meltdown. The only breath of fresh air at this point that could be possibly expected at the time when this report was formulated was in the subsequently falling prices. This could allow to a certain degree of positive shift to come about and the revival process could be expected to kick in.

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Thesis: Outsourcing of Information Technology

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Once the industrial revolution had passed, firms began to direct their attention towards methods that they could use to expand their competitive advantage in order to increase their markets and in turn their profits. Extensive integration was once considered to be a surefire formula for success became the center of criticism (Halvey & Melby Information technology outsourcing transactions: process, strategies, and contracts 2005).  By the middle of the twentieth century, firms began to realize the significance of economies of scale and the benefit that they could yield. Multiple layer management took on a form more concrete than it had ever been in as organizations began to make plans to begin outsourcing.

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Essay: Life of Pi by Yan Martel

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He chronicles his search for God. How he grew up a Hindu in a non-religious family but eventually found Christianity and then Islam. He speaks of how he saw all these religions as being equal and having no true difference between them. And how he religiously followed each one and when asked why he would not choose between them he would simply say I just wanted to love God. Through it all the author also interjects details about Mr. Patel’s life in the present how he see various religious items in his home and how he would have to suffer through spicy food because he did not want to offend the narrator.

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