Religion/Theology, Sample Thesis Papers

Thesis: Religion and Life

Religion is a system creating a long lasting power that relates humanity to values and truths. It is important to note that most religions have sacred histories, traditions, symbols and narrative that make it relate to one’s faith (Joseph 77). Although some people may see religion as being private, it has been noted that it is public since it involves congregations during scriptures, holy places, priestly hierarchies and prayers.

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Religion/Theology, Sample Thesis Papers

Thesis: Science Contradicts with Teachings in the Bible

In most of the cases, science contradicts with the teachings in the Bible. One should believe that we are all God’s creations and even in His image. However, science makes us believe that we originated from apes and keeps on transforming to more informed and developed creatures. According to the Bible, God is above all and should not be questioned but there are several scholars who defy His teachings and deeds and even see Him as been wrong in some choices He makes.

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Religion/Theology, Sample Thesis Papers

Thesis: Islam and Sunni Muslims

Sample Thesis Paper

It was totally different experience to witness the spiritual side of Islam. It was pleasantly surprising for me to see so many Muslims offering prayers in a large group. Their synchronized approach in prayers was interesting to witness. Just watching them pray gave me the impression that they were doing something special.

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