Sample Thesis Papers, Science

Space competition between nations

The original idea of the space shuttle was that it was primarily for making space flights routine and cost effective. However, in the many years since the first Space Shuttle flight, the cost of traveling into space is still very expensive and not a routine activity. There has been virtually no reduction in cost, and it still remains at more than $10,000/pound, a sum that has not been reduced. The idea of replacing the shuttle is basically to cut this cost by a factor of 10 and be in line with competing technologies, such as the European 5 rocket, costing much less than the American rockets. Continue reading “Space competition between nations”

Sample Thesis Papers, Science

Thesis: What is Infrared spectroscopy

Infrared spectroscopy covers a range of techniques that occur within the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum. The Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometer is the common lab instrument for conducting a variety of techniques that are based on absorption spectroscopy.

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Sample Thesis Papers, Science

Thesis: The centralization of the world’s species in one country

Partners of the project are entirely dependent on the funding from the MSBP. The money is mainly used by the partners to meet their administration costs and hire experts in the field. Also, the funds are usually directed towards offsetting the costs incurred in process of collecting species. Provision of equipment such as vehicles, seed aspirator is a cost that the partners expect the project to fund.

The risk that the partners might withdraw from the project poses the greatest threat to the project. MSBP heavily relies on the goodwill of its partners to embrace the project. Notwithstanding the support of the partners the project is only able to save a mere fifth of the world’s flora which the partners might feel not enough for the project of such magnitude.

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Sample Thesis Papers, Science

Thesis: Operational and Managerial Costs

The money raised is expected to meet the operational and managerial costs of the project at the headquarters. These funds are later granted to the partners. Besides, the project receives a lot of support from the well wishers and institutions committed towards enhancing biodiversity conservation.

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