Sample Thesis Papers, Social Issues

Thesis: Elaboration of Sexual Options

Sample Thesis Paper

Ladies and Gentlemen, the sexual options that are open to a person are immense in the modern day world and if one was to explore the element of exhibitionism in this regard, one will find that the element of exhibitionism is one that is much more vast and complex than the layman may give it credit for.

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Sample Thesis Papers, Social Issues

Social Work

Social workers are professionally qualified and trained people who help people and communities with their social well being. Social work besides being concerned with individual and personal problems also deals with broader social issues such as poverty, unemployment, and domestic violence. Human rights and social justice are the philosophical social structures that support social work in the community.   The exclusivity of social work practice is in the bringing together of some specific standards and principles, expertise and skills, including the use of relationship as the foundation of all affairs and respecting the client’s choice and involvement. Continue reading “Social Work”

Sample Thesis Papers, Social Issues

Social stratification

Social stratification is an expression that is used in the social sciences for the description of comparable social positions of people in any organized social group, category, geographical region or another social component. It categorizes people in a given societies into rankings of socioeconomic tiers based on factors like wealth, income, social status, occupation, and power. In contemporary Western societies, stratification is often broadly classified into three major divisions of social class: upper class, middle class, and lower class. Each of these classes can be further subdivided into smaller classes such as “upper middle”.  Social positions may also be described on the basis of kinship ties or caste relations. Continue reading “Social stratification”

Sample Thesis Papers, Social Issues

Social Stratification in India and America

Social stratification in India comprises a caste system with characteristics that a person acquires because of the family that he/she is born. The caste system in India is very rigid and no matter what the person achieves or does, he/she cannot change their caste. The Hindu religion gives the prescribed caste status at birth, but sometimes it is not possible to change religion to have a different social stratification. The caste system began with the Hindi religion and is based on the concept of reincarnation. To earn the best grades in your Dissertation, Thesis and college assignments you should choose an academic writing service that will meet your best writing needs. Continue reading “Social Stratification in India and America”