Sample Thesis Papers, Social Issues

Social Relationships and Pain

The quality and quantity of Social relationships have a direct bearing on the mental and physical health of the elderly including mortality risks. Social has established that social relationships have a direct bearing on the mental and physical health of the elderly. Studies have proved that social relationships have both positive and negative effects on health. These effects were in childhood and are continuous throughout a person’s life for cumulative advantages or disadvantages. To earn the best grades in writing Business Plans, Case Studies and work assignments in you should choose an academic writing service that will meet your best writing needs. Continue reading “Social Relationships and Pain”

Sample Thesis Papers, Social Issues

Social Problem and the State

The basic interpretation of situations as social problems is placed in the growth of the welfare state. A welfare state uses facilities funded with public tax money to directly improve living conditions of citizens as a matter of right rather than as charity. Thus, “welfare” means the commitment of public funds to ameliorate social problems rather than as a handout to individual citizens. The development of the welfare state means a compassionate attitude toward victims of crime and less fortunate persons, and the setting up of a minimum standard of living within the free market. Welfare societies create industries to address social problems. Continue reading “Social Problem and the State”

Sample Thesis Papers, Social Issues

Thesis: The Turning Point in Life

The turning point in my life came in 2001 when Dr. Jim Pattison, a postgraduate student at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, came to serve at the camp.  I was impressed by his white uniform, but what blew me away was his genuine concern for our welfare.

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