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Social Stratification in India and America

Social stratification in India comprises a caste system with characteristics that a person acquires because of the family that he/she is born. The caste system in India is very rigid and no matter what the person achieves or does, he/she cannot change their caste. The Hindu religion gives the prescribed caste status at birth, but sometimes it is not possible to change religion to have a different social stratification. The caste system began with the Hindi religion and is based on the concept of reincarnation. To earn the best grades in your Dissertation, Thesis and college assignments you should choose an academic writing service that will meet your best writing needs.

The religion teaches that although the physical body dies, the soul never dies and is born again into another physical body. People who were pious and good in their previous lives are born in good circumstances but if they were evil in their previous life they are punished in their next life. The religion forbids anyone to interfere in the life of another person because his/her circumstances are the consequences of what the person has done in a previous life. The cases that one is born will probably determine the course of his entire life which includes social contacts, friendships, and all other relationships.

The caste system forbids them to have anything to do with each other and the higher caste. In America, a man or women can marry anyone, even a person of different color. In India, if a person marries out of his/her caste he and his wife can be killed by their respective castes for marrying out of their caste and out of their social system. Therein is the difference between India and most countries in the world. In the West everyone is equal, but people with more power and money are considered more equal than others. Hindus avoid the lower castes as much as they can.

In America and most other countries, Social Stratification is an entirely different thing. Here a person might be born anywhere to anyone, but if he/she acquires wealth according to the American Dream through hard work then he is accepted among his peers of a higher social status. In America, a person is usually accorded or accepted in a certain social circle according to the amount of money that he/she has. This is not always possible because sometimes a person with money might not be accepted because he might have made his money through crime and people tend to shy away from him/her. This does not always happen but sometimes it does.

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