Thesis: Improving Employee Turnover Rates at Debenhams

Sample Thesis Paper

At events such as these Debenhams can pay special attention to the friends and relatives of their employees and can give them special offers and special discount coupons that are rewarded to them for simply being associated with a person working at Debenhams. This will not only serve to increase the degree of charm that Debenhams holds in the eyes of the consumer but as a part of the two-fold strategy, will also allow Debenhams to improve employee turnover rates.

Thesis Paper: Innovation Management

Sample Thesis Paper


It is important to note in this scenario that the organization is currently undergoing a Human Resource Expansion. This expansion is one that will add new influxes and outflows of revenues and shall therefore require a considerable degree of attention and focus throughout its establishment and development. The company shall have to give special care to issues pertaining to leadership, entry into a market that is relatively more commercialized than the previous one, judging customer responsiveness, developing a strategy to increase and sustain competitive advantage, generating an organizational design, making use of creativity and innovation, conducting an analysis of external forces that may influence the success of the expansion, and the relevance of strategic leadership with regard to this particular expansion (Hendry 1994, p. 155).