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Thesis: Love is the Son of Plenty and the Mother of Need

Sample Thesis Paper

He is followed by Socrates who begins by complimenting Agathon which is more of a customary practice and then courteously asks his host and asks if he may point out the insufficiencies in his speech. He says that Agathons speech is only applicable to love when we consider what we wish it to be rather than what it actually is. He then speaks of the Diotoma of Mantinea and speaks of her story of love. According to Socrates she says that Love is the son of “Plenty” and the mother of “Need”. It has characteristics of both but is carefully balanced. It is not only difficult, needy, deceptive but also resourceful. Its purpose she says is the fulfillment of immortality in men. He says that the pursuit of immortality is the true goal of all men and the gift of love is gift of immortality by making these men philosophers.

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