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Thesis: Modern Uses of Hydro power

Sample Thesis Paper

Many of the modern ways of harnessing hydro power are extensions of original ideas that have existed for hundreds of years. One of the oldest methods is by machinery known as the trompe. The trompe has been used by individuals to create an inexhaustible source of air since the Iron Age. Many of them were built during the turn of the century to supply mines with fresh air, though it is not as widely used now, many engineers still consider it a viable method to harness hydro energy. The hydraulic ram is another method which utilizes the water Hammer effect to increase the pressure of the water where there is a low source of hydro kinetic energy. It is used commercially to aid in the extraction of vehicle crash victims and also in hydraulic cylinders which has applications in engineering vehicles and allows them to do linear motions. It is also widely used in developing nations to improve conditions in remote areas with a low water source (Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association, 2003).