Thesis: Implementation of CRM and SCM in Dell

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It was observed that Dell comes forth as a prime example of the implementation of CRM and SCM since it does not merely fashion its operations to implement SCM and CRM strategies but fashions its business model in a manner such that it is based on SCM and CRM strategies. By providing consumers with customized products and services, Dell is allowing each customer to acquire the unique solution that the consumer requires while a rigid monitoring of stock status and supplier commitments allows Dell to ensure timely deliveries. Dell extends the model by providing consumers with professional after-sales support that responds to individual customer queries as per their specific orders and requirements.

Essay: A Revolutionary People at War by Charles Royster

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By taking the reader through a chronological narration of the events that took place in the war, Royster elaborates upon the very ideology that fueled the actions of people who took part in the revolution. Royster takes the reader through the time when the Continental Army was evolving, to the time when it had become an effective fighting mechanism. Royster takes the reader through the intellectual mindsets that dictated the evolution and the route that the Continental Army took when adapting to the war front to which it had been exposed for the first time in the history of the colonies.

What is marketing? And how can a new product be successful?

Launching a new product in the market can be a risk on its own. There are many factors which the entrepreneur needs to keep in mind when he/she introduces a new and innovative product. The way in which the entrepreneur can increase the sale of the product is through effective marketing. Then what exactly is marketing? If a product is launched into the market, then the customers also need to be aware of it.First of all, marketing is divided into two parts.

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Research Paper on Gender gap in higher education

In the past years, it has been evident that an increasing number of women were deprived of higher education. Only men tend to continue their education after schooling which is why most of the companies today are owned by men. This was because of many societal reasons. Most of the countries in the world run under a system of patriarchy. This was widespread in the 1700s but with later reforms in the law, women gained a greater share of power in competition to men.¬†Higher education became a luxury for the lower class people in the society. Continue reading “Research Paper on Gender gap in higher education”