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Thesis: Contributions of Beatles

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Apart from this the greatest contribution of the Beatles is that they along with their producer George martin removed the old-fashioned 4-track recording technique and established the high track recording technique which was never experimented before.

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Thesis: Christian Pro War Movement

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One movement which I find absolutely deplorable is the Christian Pro War movement. I truly do not understand these individuals and their close minded approach to the world. It is the approaches these form of organizations take that have essentially scared me away from joining any movement.

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Thesis: Disadvantages of Hydro Power

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In my personal viewpoint I suggest we not use Hydro Power as a source of electricity in the 21st century due to the fact that it will cost large amounts of money to have successfully completed dams and that it will take heaps of our environments space to build such dams. The most decent way to go is using maybe solar or wind power energy which take less room and are a sufficient source to provide us with electricity.

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Thesis: Einstein as a believer of Cosmic Religion

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He also believed in the concept of a cosmic religion. One which connected all life forms together in a conceptual manner that was unknown to humanity. This was the basis of his experiments into the nature of light and waves. This also allowed him to accept all theories and all perceptions of reality. His belief in the rationality of the universe was absolute and he had a true need to understand its intricacies (Galison, Holton, & Schweber, 35, 2008).

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