Advantages and Disadvantages of Case Study Approach

There are various advantages and disadvantages of the case study approach like other research approaches. This approach provides the most comprehensive and detailed analysis of a scenario and the varying point of views on a single case enhance the understanding of the cause and effect relationships of variables. The methods applied in the case study approach enable the researcher to recognise the elements of a case with much ease as it provides a true and clear picture of the case. The research in this approach is quite flexible and can be applied to a solitary case or a group of cases to derive a valid conclusion.

The inefficiency to generalise from a specific case is one of the limitations of this approach. There is a tendency that a researcher may use abnormal cases to arrive at normal conclusions. The data collected in a case study may be biased due to various reasons including the biasness of researcher, participants or the sources used in the research may be biased. Another disadvantage of the case study approach is the degree of objectivity and subjectivity in the research (Duff 2007).

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