Annotated Bibliography: The First Lady of Jazz

Schoeneberger, Megan. Ella Fitzgerald: first lady of jazz. Minnesota: Capstone Press, 2005.

This small yet comprehensive publication provides a concrete insight in Ella Fitzgerald’s professional life. The author takes the reader through six chapters; each of which covers a distinct era in her career as it originated, progressed and came to a close.

Spiller, David. Great Singers of the Twentieth Century., 2008.

The author provides a critical perspective into Ella Fitzgerald and her work. The text is brief but explores the strengths and weaknesses of Ella Fitzgerald’s musical talents alongside other performers from the same era.

Yanow, Scott. The jazz singers: the ultimate guide. Milwaukee: New York, 2008.

The book covers numerous jazz artists through time and provides a chronological perspective into Ella Fitzgerald’s career. However, the highlight of the article on the jazz singer is that it provides a brief yet rare insight into Ella Fitzgerald’s inspirations and motivations behind singing.

Yurochko, Bob. A Short History of Jazz. Illinois: Burnham, Inc., Publishers, 2001.

The author provides a brief but highly interesting perspective into Ella Fitzgerald amongst many others. The discussion is one that is highly precise with regard to the nature of Ella’s music and allows one to comprehend Ella’s position amongst other Jazz musicians of the Swing Era.

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