Annotated Bibliography: First Lady of Song

Krohn, Katherine E. Ella Fitzgerald: First Lady of Song. Minneapolis: Twenty-First Century Books, 2001.

The book presents a detailed categorical elaboration on the works of Ella Fitzgerald. The book serves as a window into the events in the personal and professional life of Ella Fitzgerald. The book provides a chronological view of sorts to Ella’s career as it progressed across American history in particular.

McCurdy, Ronald C. Meet the Great Jazz Legends. California: Alfred Publishing Co., Inc., 2004.

The book covers a total of seventeen Jazz artists and sheds light on Ella Fitzgerald in the same regard. While the book appears to concentrate on the variables that dictated Ella Fitzgerald’s career, it allows a sincere analysis of the manner in which her talents evolved over time.

Public Broadcasting Service. Ella Fitzgerald – Something to Live For . 2010. 9 February 2010 <>.

The concise article on the First Woman of Soul from the Swing Era provides a non-critical and clear picture of the development of Ella Fitzgerald’s career. The article follows a chronological approach through which milestones in the singer’s career are covered.

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