Annotated Bibliography: Leashing the Dogs of War

Crocker, C. A., Hampson, F. O., & Aall, P. R. (2007). Leashing the dogs of war: conflict management in a divided world. Washington, DC.: US Institute of Peace.

The authors present a discussion on war during which they frequently refer to the Congo Crisis in differing frames of reference. The book was useful book for the purpose of writing this paper since it allowed for the diversification of the discussion.

Kriesberg, L. (2007). Constructive conflicts: from escalation to resolution. Oxford: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.

The author discusses the science of conflict and presents detailed elaborations on the instigations and implications of conflict. The author presents this discussion through different frames of references and through numerous theories with real world examples.

Mockaitis, T. R. (1999). Peace operations and intrastate conflict: the sword or the olive branch? Westport: Greenwood Publishing Group.

The book provides an exemplary discussion on the internal complications of the UN that persisted through numerous peace keeping missions. With regard to the Congo Crisis, the author covers the period during which the crisis persisted and how the UN was placed in a situation where it has no other option but to launch one operation after another at a time when the UN charter prohibited UN troops from interfering with internal situations.

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