Thesis: Conflicts between Sunnis and Shiite Arabs in Iraq

Sample Thesis Paper

Iraq has been plagues with ethnic problems for years now. The conflicts between Sunnis and Shiite Arabs have turned Iraq into an increasingly volatile battle ground. Under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein, the Shiites grew exponentially powerful and reached a point in the Iraqi society where they constituted sixty percent of the Iraqi society and were still denied their fundamental political and religious rights. Under Saddam Hussein’s regime, the Sunnis gained more power and reached a point where they formed the bulk of Saddam’s administration. A fact that serves to irk the Sunni population of Iraq is the presence of the political ties with Iran. This serves to anger not only the Sunnis of Iraq but also the Arab countries that are United States allies. The fear of Iranian influences intervening in the already increasingly volatile Iraqi scenario is an aspect that serves to increase doubts about the prospective Iraqi scenario.

Report on Donald Trump Publicizes Muslim Ban in Opening Ads

The expected Republican president Donald Trump is making the most disruptive proposals of his first campaigns on a Television adjust as the party is already in an unsettling position for the nomination for their security concerns. The billionaire businessman comes in a spotlight when the year’s primary contests are just a few weeks away as the he plans to ban Muslim immigration with major actions to be taken. Despite his seriousness and grossness in what he claims to follow, both the republicans and the democrats seem to dislike his troublesome decisions, however, he seems to have a major lead in the white republican electorate. Continue reading “Report on Donald Trump Publicizes Muslim Ban in Opening Ads”

Research Paper on President Barack Obama’s Speech on Gun Control Issue

The president Barack Obama facing the gun control legislation congress runs in tear to assert the need of strict action against the issue of gun control. On 5th January 2016, the American president conveyed his intentions to take executive action towards the issue, stating rhetorically that it is his own task now and that he will take a strong action against it. During the speech, he also showed an emotional outburst that indicated his concerns about the issue. Continue reading “Research Paper on President Barack Obama’s Speech on Gun Control Issue”

Descriptive Essay on Why should we promote peace?

Killings, rape, genocide, homicide, bomb blasts are getting common in today’s world. All these disasters are the extreme examples of where our society is leaning towards. However, we face everyday situations of hatred and evil done by the people around us. It is a societal imperative to encourage peace and harmony among people so that our future generations can benefit. UNESCO aims to promote world peace, human rights, equality and mutual respect.

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