Thesis: Absolute Natural Law of Christianity

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In the eighteenth century this gave way to the age of enlightenment which sought to ease the ills of society by focusing on reasoning and education of the populace. Within more open and social conditions more political philosophers emerged. On such philosopher was Thomas Aquinas who based his political teachings on his belief in the absolute natural law of Christianity.

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Thesis: Christian Pro War Movement

Sample Thesis Paper

One movement which I find absolutely deplorable is the Christian Pro War movement. I truly do not understand these individuals and their close minded approach to the world. It is the approaches these form of organizations take that have essentially scared me away from joining any movement.

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Thesis: Christ and Christianity

Most of Josephus’ writings are in connection with Christ and Christianity. He acknowledges several Christianity founders such as the twelve apostles, St. Peter and St. Paul. In his work, he acknowledges Christian practices including atonement, incarnation and virgin birth of Christ. As a result, most scholars see him as an Ebionite Christian. He believes Jesus to have been a supernatural being and as the son of God. In his work entitled Testimonium Flavianum, he recalls that,

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Thesis: Christianity

According to this parable the three workers were given talents to multiply, the first was given ten talents, the second received five talents while the third received one talent. At the time the master came for the returns the first returned twenty talents, the second returned ten talents each giving 100% profit. The third returned one talents as he had received.

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