Assignment on Social Problems

 Now that we have identified and clarified the nature of our chosen social problem, and examined two key organizations that address this social problem, we will now give a more in-depth discussion about the scope of the social problem, a major theoretical idea that can be applied to the social problem, and our own analysis of how this social problem might be better solved.

Thesis on Negative Effects of Marijuana

There are many controversial topics which are becoming the center points of debating in today’s society. There may be opposing views to every argument as every person has their different point of view. The phenomenon of abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment and genetic engineering are few included in the debate. However, the legalization of marijuana is another question which the society needs to answer.

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Descriptive Essay on Why should we promote peace?

Killings, rape, genocide, homicide, bomb blasts are getting common in today’s world. All these disasters are the extreme examples of where our society is leaning towards. However, we face everyday situations of hatred and evil done by the people around us. It is a societal imperative to encourage peace and harmony among people so that our future generations can benefit. UNESCO aims to promote world peace, human rights, equality and mutual respect.

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