Assignment on Social Problems

 Now that we have identified and clarified the nature of our chosen social problem, and examined two key organizations that address this social problem, we will now give a more in-depth discussion about the scope of the social problem, a major theoretical idea that can be applied to the social problem, and our own analysis of how this social problem might be better solved.

Thesis: Social Conflict Theory

Sample Thesis Paper – Social Conflict Theory

Durkheim is a functionalist as a sociologist while Marx is a conflict theorist. Durkheim looks at society as a system in terms of the constituents that it holds and the approach with which they contribute to the sustenance of the social system. In terms of Marx however, it is inequality and conflict that serve to bring about social change (Eagly, Baron, Hamilton, Hamilton, & Kelman, 2004).

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Thesis: Alcohol Prohibition

Sample Thesis Paper – Alcohol Prohibition

What is truly remarkable is not how both these programs began or why they began or how much they accomplish but rather the reasons provided to the public behind its inception. Alcohol prohibition was touted as the national program that would solve all of the social problems that the country was facing. Not only would it reduce crime rates, it would also reduce the tax rates, eliminate poverty, improve public health, etc. The war of drugs has been similarly put forward as an idea with the exact same benefits.

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