Critical Film Review: Reel Bad Arabs

Hollywood has become the focus of several conspiracy theories over the last few decades. While some hold weight, others are almost immediately dispelled. The film under consideration presents a case on how the media and Hollywood in particular has continued to play down the actual representation of Arabs. The film is of a documentary style and rarely resorts to still images. Most of the content constitutes clips taken from other movies showed as evidence for arguments. This paper shall attempt to present a brief discussion on the degree to which the documentary managed to appeal to my sense of reason and logic and whether it managed to persuade me to agree with the arguments presented.
In certain instances, it feels that the movie maker has done little more than simply narrate what is on screen; nonetheless, the man makes a very strong case through all the movies that he quotes. His case, from what I perceived from the movie, makes a very strong leap into reasoning when he presents the movie Chapter Two and the statement in which the protagonist responds to a question about how his trip to London was by stating: “Full of Arabs” (Caan, Mason and Bologna). Jack Shaheen makes an exceptionally strong argument when he indicates that the responses would have been far from amusing had the protagonist cited any other ethnicity or race. Similarly, the presentation of evidence from the Walt Disney cartoon earlier in the documentary also provides undeniable evidence.

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