Critical Film Review: Triumph of the Will

Sample Essay

The film under consideration is the Triumph of the Will, or Triumph des Willens; original true German name (1935). The film is something of a video record or a visual report of the 1934 Nazi Party Congress. The film is unidirectional in nature since it chronicles a series of events with no snaps or glimpses of the past. The movie presents speeches given by military and political leaders who supported Adolf Hitler and his agendas. By doing so, the movie attempts to present a one sided view of the Nazi Party, its objectives and its achievements.
There is no mention or representation of any of the collateral damage that Germany suffered or the rest of the world suffered. The film, true and sincere to its objectives, presents only those parts of speeches that present a positive image of Germany under Adolf Hitler.
Almost twenty minutes into the documentary, the film’s objectives become undeniably clear as leader after leader is shown for small periods of times with their sentences being followed by their names. Very few speeches have been shown in their entirety and the only leaders shown for more than a minute are those who were of iconic relevance to the Nazi Party (1935). The film’s intentions and directions tend to get a little monotonous over time as the viewer eventually reaches a point where the entire idea of the greatness of Nazi Germany has been fully clarified and communicated. After this point on, the loud speeches continue to drill into the viewer’s mind as the viewer watches on only to be communicated the same message repeatedly.

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