Critique on marketing of Nepal as Tourist Destination

Sample Thesis Paper


Tourism is the fastest growing industry in the world (Morgan & Pritchard, 2000), generating US$919 billion in export earnings single from tourism industry across the world (UNTOW, 2011).  The data produced by UNTOW (2011) also shows that specifically Asia and Pacific has been the fastest tourism growing region in terms of number of tourist arrivalsDespite the impermanent fluctuations caused by major political crises such as those of 9/11 in 2001 or economic crises like global recession in 2009, the number of tourist is still growing significantly all over the world (UNWTO, 2011).

World Tourism Organization (2011) reports growth of international tourist by 7% in 2010 where tourism generated. In this context, Tourism in Nepal has also been growing in past decade. Despite the political crisis and insufficient resource of infrastructure like transportation and proper management of living for visitors, the statistics of Nepal Tourism Board (NTB, 2011) indicates the growth in number of tourist arrival from 509,956 in 2009 to 602,855 in 2010 increasing the growth of tourism by 18.2%. However, in terms of number we don’t see much significant change where only 92,899 more visitors than in 2009 visited in whole year. Tourism in Nepal is not growing as much as it should do. The paucity of tourism development plans, marketing; incompetence in advertising far and wide across foreign countries is the obstacle for Nepal Tourism in having poor performance in tourism development.

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