Deductive and Inductive Research Approach

The entire deductive approach is basically based on reviewing a particular hypothesis. The approval and rejection technique is used in this research and in the initial stage a specific objective is stated and the focused statement that is to be researched is underlined and then research is carried out on that particular hypothesis. The result of these methods is basically an approval or a rejection. The specific research topic is based on the theory and it is then rigorously tested for its implications.

This is a comparatively common approach especially when research covering natural sciences is undertaken which involves existing laws presenting the basis of explanations, allowing the anticipation of phenomena, predicting their occurrence and therefore permitting those to be controlled (Collis & Hussey 2003).

Similarly, on the other hand another methodology is used in the inductive approach. This approach evolves from particular situations to making or inferring broad general ideas or theories. The inductive approach follows a logical set of ordering and as opposed to deductive approach this approach involves initial observation of the empirical world then moving towards the construction of explanations and theories about what has been observed earlier (Trochim 2006).

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