Descriptive Essay on Why should we promote peace?

Killings, rape, genocide, homicide, bomb blasts are getting common in today’s world. All these disasters are the extreme examples of where our society is leaning towards. However, we face everyday situations of hatred and evil done by the people around us. It is a societal imperative to encourage peace and harmony among people so that our future generations can benefit. UNESCO aims to promote world peace, human rights, equality and mutual respect.

They also encourage value for human dignity. Peace is simply a shared effort by people to be treated in a fair and justified way without any violence. It is necessary for this approach to be adopted by all members in the society because even one delinquent act can disrupt the peace and harmony. Therefore, it should be preached everywhere. Even if one person starts the movement, others would surely get influenced by him/her and this could even lead to a societal norm. In places such as schools, workplace and religious institutions it is necessary to make rules and regulations to promote a peaceful environment.

On an everyday basis, we can start by changing ourselves. If a person decides to promote peace, he/she should not indulge in any violent behavior or even any negative emotions. You can maintain peace by meditating. This would create a calm mind and would enable you to think in a more logical and relaxed way.  If the initiative is taken on an individual level, it can be highly effective as the person would transform from within. Once the person becomes calm minded, he/she will start to tell others about his/her life transformation. Although it is not an easy thing to get rid of any negative emotions or violence; making an effort is the first step towards becoming a changed person.It is important to do something as soon as possible before the world is a menace and a black hole. Even today, many eastern countries experience killings on a daily basis. Not only have this, but poverty and low living standards made the people indulging in atrocious acts.

The level of crime is increased and it is not even safe to walk outside your own house or street. However, this is not the case with every country as it depends on the political system but common thing is that evil is rising everywhere in the face of rapists, murderers, thieves, corrupted people and even some politicians who are only manipulating us into creating a fake social order.

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