Dissertation: Analysis of Foreign Direct Investment Impact in Angola

Sample Dissertation


Foreign Direct Investment has become a hot topic for researchers in shaping organisational success. Regarding Angola’s economy, FDI is a major contributor towards the country’s economy. Recently the Country has been experiencing decline in oil production. As the Country moves towards more challenging future, it is the country’s leader’s responsibility to have a clear vision and continue converting it into reality for the nation prosperity. The Country has to adopt appropriate Foreign Direct Investment impact and behaviours to facilitate not only sustaining the current production level but also to meet future challenges.

The research is aimed at analysing Foreign Direct Investment impact adopted by ANGOLA and identify the obstacles towards progress of Foreign Direct Investment which is lower than the desired levels. A combination of secondary and primary researches were undertaken to achieve proposed objectives. The data collected from primary research covering questionnaire and interviews were obtained.

The results from the data analysis confirmed the positive relationship between the Foreign Direct Investment and growth. However, there are areas that need improvement and development especially in the fields such as the political and judicial in order to determine Foreign Direct Investment aggregate expenditure increase. The research also revealed that the Country’s opportunities for greater progress with relation to FDI and growth are pre-dominant. Never the less, there are parallel issues which need to be defined such as the markets, crime, and corruption etc. Subsequently, based on both primary and secondary researches conducted, new emerging issues are analysed and specific areas of development for improving the business are suggested in this dissertation.

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