Must an essay be 1000 words

Sample Essay

The question of whether or not it is advisable to make an essay comprise of one thousand words is one that is central to the contents of that essay. This is so because simply ranting on for a thousand words may not serve the purpose if the contents of the paper are completely indifferent to the main heading and subject of the essay. On the other hand, it seems difficult to comprehend or imagine a scenario where a writer can put together one thousand words into an essay and still swerve off the main idea of the essay. In other words, at one point or the other, the writer may either find himself/herself inclined to put relevant material into the essay or end up doing so without actually knowing it.

Of course, whether or not the paper holds comprehension is also based on the perception that the reader holds regarding the subject covered in the essay. If the reader is one who is well versed in it, then there is a very good chance that the one of two things may happen: The reader may find himself/herself appalled at the supposed degree of ignorance that the essay has exercised in covering the subject, or the reader may consider the essay to be one in which only external stimuli and interactions pertaining to the subject have been covered.

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