Essay: Use and abuse of drugs and alcohol in college athletes

Sample Essay

There have been cases where athletes have either entered desperation or negligence to degrees where they have compromised the sanctity of sport and their own health in the process. Cases such as those in which athletes have chosen to opt for the use of steroids in order to synthetically increase the capacity of their body to perform better in the field are common knowledge. However, there is another aspect that ends up destroying athletes that has implications far beyond those that any steroid can cause.

The implications are those caused by alcohol and drug abuse. The following paragraphs shall shed light on the numerous disadvantages of alcohol and drug abuse by students who are going through college. However, the paper shall give special consideration to the consequences of drug abuse and excessive consumption of alcohol by athletes. The discussion shall build its foundations upon former researches in order to ascertain the credibility of the conclusions reached at the end of the paper and shall expand upon them in the body of the paper.

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