Essay: Most Adequate Techniques to Carryout a Research

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Research Design

The research methodology is perhaps the most integral part of the research. It does not merely serve to identify the method of research that a study is to follow but is also the determinant of the study’s authenticity since it assists in the establishment of primary and secondary data sources and the methods of data collection, data handling and data analysis that the research is to incorporate (Yin, 2003). Considering the degree of decision making that the establishment of the research methodology entails, it comes as no surprise that the authenticity of the research methodology translates into the authenticity of the very research.

The research methodology doe s not only serve to identify data sources but also highlights potential limitations that the research may run into during the course of the study (Singh, 2008). It is because of the same reason that the identification of an adequate research methodology is considered to be one of the preliminary steps carried out in undertaking a study.

In essence the research methodology assists in the establishment and selection of the most adequate techniques to carry out a research. The process of establishment of a research methodology generally involves the analysis of multiple research options that are available and the selection of the one that is the most adequate and compatible to the research (Panneerselvam, 2004). It is imperative to highlight at this point that each study has its own specific attributes and deals with numerous varying variables. In this regard the establishment of the research methodology goes to waste if the selected research methodology is incompatible with the nature of the research.

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