Essay: American Dream has become Adulterated

Sample Essay

In contrast, Matthew Warshauer asserts that the American Dream has become adulterated and has been exploited by marketing and promotional activities (Warshauer). Matthew Warshauer believes that the American Dream does not ask for all the attributes that the modern day American has been convinced of to be mandatory in life (Warshauer). He points his finger at advertising and how it has chosen to play with the American Dream as a selling technique.

The American dream is the idea of perfection that is continuously exaggerated in the media. The American Dream begins from the consideration of the family with its traditional hierarchy of power in place. The American dream is a refined image of America in which health problems and social life problems do not exist. It perceives society to be perfect in all forms, beginning from the home of the individual, to the neighborhood and beyond. The American Dream very bluntly dismisses the realization that nothing can be completely perfect. The American Dream appears to be very isolated in its own self while modern day reality is affected by international incidents just as much as it is influenced by domestic incidents.

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