Essay: America’s First Move Against Terrorism

Sample Essay

One cannot help but feel that the first few who chose to fight back at the moment when the attacks took place were those who ran into the towers after the attack had taken place. The towers were crumbling down and people were choosing to jump off the roof tops and out the windows, yet there were men who were brave enough to risk their lives and chose to walk towards an epicenter of distress and pain from where the rest of the world was wanting to run away from.

These men and women were America’s first move against terrorism’s attack on humanity, and one of these brave men was Police Officer John Mc Loughlin. Numerous tributes have been given to Police Officer John Mc Loughlin, one of the most prominent off which is the elaboration of his role through his character in the 2006 movie World Trade Center, played by Nicholas Cage (Stone, 2006).

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