Essay: Analysis of The Negro Artist

Sample Essay

An element in Hughes’ The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain that comes out quite bluntly is the fact that Hughes has consistently chosen to refer to African American artist as a Negro artist. Hughes’ preference to do so throughout his essay can be seen a reflection of the depth to which racism prevailed amongst the American people in the early days. Also, Hughes does not merely shed light upon the perceptions that prevailed in the early days but also elaborates extensively upon related events that occurred as highlights to his essay.

“Someone once said that beneath or behind all political and cultural warfare lies a struggle between secret societies”. (Reed 18)

Hughes appears to be in absolute optimism with regard to the future prospects for African Americans and refers to almost every area of the performing arts in this particular perspective. One can tell that Hughes is not willing to accept anything else other than the perception that the future for African Americans cannot be dark since they are slowly and steadily beginning to make their mark in almost every area in society.

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