Essay: Analysis of The Tempest by Shakespeare

Sample Essay

Shakespeare begins the plot slowly and steadily and one is left half dazed when Shakespeare brings half a dozen characters back on the stage half way through the play. One single storm brings together characters that had gone far away from the plot and it is at this moment in the play that the reality hits the audience and ones comes to realize that no matter what decisions one takes out of the numerous perceptions that constitute the approach of the human mind, one cannot escape the series of events that constitute fate.

In the Tempest, not only does Shakespeare do an excellent job of bringing together romance, comedy and tragedy, and in doing so, Shakespeare contributes significantly to the study of the perceptions that fill the human mind. The Tempest serves to bring the audience to a point where one would expect utter and complete catastrophe, yet Shakespeare presents the audience with a slightly askew outcome to the play, one that the audience would perhaps rarely expect (Shakespeare).

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