Essay: Andrew Carnegie as the Most Influential Industrialist

Sample Essay

Carnegie was one of the most influential industrialists during the industrial revolution on account of his extensively philanthropic nature. Even though he was known for his vast steel empire, his wealth played little role in bringing him fame across those who were present at the time of the industrial revolution. He was not only a business man in the industrial era but also a renowned philosopher and an exemplary philanthropist (Nasaw). He made sure he contributed to the well being of the people in his home town and his dedication to literature lead him to establish a library in Dunfermline. Furthermore, he made numerous donations to hospitals and laboratory.

One of the most well known acts of Andrew Carnegie that is often quoted as an example of how he would go beyond himself, his wealth and his fortune to bring benefit to the people around him and beyond can be found in the fact that before the Philippine-American War began, Andrew Carnegie attempted to buy a country from a country. His bid rivaled the United Stated bid of nearly twenty million dollars that the United States had made to the Spain for the acquisition of Philippines. He wanted to allow the Philippines to buy their independence from the United States (PBS). Even though his attempts were futile and no outcomes were achieved, his mere attempt at doing so has placed him at on an unmatchable pedestal amongst the many other great men who lived through and contributed to the industrial revolution.

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