Essay: Anti War Movement

Sample Essay

I have had several movements which have asked me to devote my time and money to their cause. Usually it is mostly because they see me as a recruit who can at least do the grunt work in their movement which provides their primary source of funds and increases their presence in society. Others have wanted me to join because they saw my academic and social achievements and perceived me as a valuable asset.

I found two movements appealing, one was an anti war movement which was against the war in Iraq and the second was one which fought against the increasing hold of corporations on our economy. Though I wanted to join these movements, I eventually found that I could not. While I truly believed in the issues these individuals believed in, I did not want to find myself in a situation where my beliefs would be at odds of those of the movement and I would have to choose between my loyalties and myself. I eventually decided that I would act as an unofficial volunteer who would aid them sparingly whenever I found time, but would not openly support their campaign.

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