Essay: Antigone by Sophocles

Sample Essay

In Antigone, written by Sophocles, we see a sister’s love for her brother in its most unconditional of forms as Antigone chooses to go against Creon’s royal decree and bury her brother respectfully after the battle between her two brothers. In Antigone, the audience can see the degree of bravery that true and pure love can give birth to when it is faced with the most challenging of circumstances.

Furthermore in Antigone, we see quite a different story. Antigone is heavy with the element of eventuality and shows how one chooses to make their own way in life and how one contributes to the creation of one’s own fate by doing so (Sophocles). Unlike the scenario present in Romeo and Juliet, Antigone is quite different in the fact that the main plot of Antigone shows a high degree of the lead character’s reliance upon the surrounding environment whereas the characters in Romeo and Juliet are completely motivated by their own desires and aspirates.

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