Essay: Applications of Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology

Sample Essay

Ultrasound technology is brought into a wide array of uses in medical science and treatment. Abdominal ultrasound is commonly used to detect abdominal irregularities as well as pelvic abnormalities, vaginal ultrasound, pelvic abnormalities and rectal ultrasound.

Equally commonly exercised applications of ultrasound include the use of high-energy pulses of ultrasound to break down gall bladder stone and kidney stones to a size where they can easily pass through the human body during urination. This process is commonly referred to as lithotripsy which is a method that has been in use since the early 1980s (Andreassi, 2004). Using this method, the stone present in the gall bladder or the kidney is subject to ultrasonic pulses at a rate that may reach 120 pulses to the minute in certain cases. The stone is subjected to these pulses until it is reduced to nothing more than a powder form.

Magnetic Resonance Guided Focused Ultrasound is yet another biological application of ultrasound in which it is brought into use with Magnetic Resonance Imaging. The process incorporates the use of ultrasound constituting an extensively high frequency and is used to treat benign tumors. A similar use is in the delivering of chemotherapy to cancer cells in the brain. Acoustic Targeted Drug Delivery us perhaps one of the most incredible uses of ultrasound where ultrasound is brought into use in its high frequency form to purposely excite the matrix of the tissue in an attempt to increase its level of permeability to drug treatment.

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