Essay: Arab Image Projected by Hollywood

Sample Essay

One area that served to shape my perception of the Arab image projected by Hollywood is that in which the movie maker addresses the role of political intrusion in the image projected by Hollywood. By citing the role of the American policies in response to the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, the Arab Oil Embargo of the 1970s and the Iranian Revolution in the projection of Arabs, Jack Shaheen leaves very little doubt in my mind concerning his argument.

“There is no form of communication more powerful than film in creating propaganda” (Shaheen 24:00).

However, merely considering the facts that the movie has presented without giving room to the present arguments would be to present an ineffective discussion. The movie has made use of almost every strategy in the book to get its point through; from rapidly transitioning sequences of half second clips to the narrator dropping off his line to be continued by a character in a clip. While there is no doubt that there is a considerable degree of evidence and the movie in itself is evidence towards its case, it has a significant weak spot. This weakness lies in the fact that the movie maker has not taken any counter arguments into account.  For instance, it would have given extensive credibility to the case presented by the movie if it constituted a few interviews of the Hollywood directors and movie makers to get their perspectives on why they chose to establish, continue or stimulate the image of Arabs that the documentary accuses them for.

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