Essay: Archetypal and Mythical Elements in the Titanic

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However, it was the fact of knowing that a few of the members of the cast had actually once existed and had been involved in the actions shown in the movie that was the reason for the continuous attention that the movie captured. Elements such as the ship’s band that kept playing as the ship neared its end in the movie as well as the fact that the ship’s band really did play music on the deck when the ship was about to sink are only a few of the numerous archetypal and mythical elements that contributed to the success of the movie.

With regard to myths, one cannot help but be astounded by the sheer number of myths that pertain to the sinking of the Titanic. The titanic’s coal burner was believed to have caught fire and the fire was said to have gone on for days and is attributed to the possible developments of weaknesses in the ship’s hull. Similar myths include those that argue that not only were there were insufficient trained hands on the titanic to launch lifeboats and the myth about the Mummy of Amen-Ra and the curse that it had on it ( A fact that has to do with the archetypical with regard to the titanic is the fact that the ship was considered to be absolutely unsinkable. The degree of faith in this perception was to such an extent that when the news of the sinking of The Titanic reached The Daily Mirror, it boldly published that everybody on board was completely safe after the world’s greatest ocean liner collided with an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean (Howells 192).

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