Essay: Ascertaining the Needs of the Patient

Sample Essay

The fourth phase implementation of the plan in order to assist the patient recovery of her physical and psychological facilities. This may only be accomplished through a mixture of provision of health care and ascertaining the needs of the patient. Implementation of the plan may also provide consideration for a health worker to take care of the child while the mother recuperates.

The final phase is one of evaluation. This phase will determine if the needs of the woman have been met and whether the outcome of the treatment provides a positive or a negative connotation. This evaluation can also aid in modifying future plans for care of these women. This may be done by the use of a table made for this concept which considers the level of satisfaction of the patient in question. Documentation of the patient response to care may be added to a database in order to make decisions which will improve the plan of care. Other evaluation methods such as research studies may also be conducted in order to ascertain the effectiveness of employing this theory in the nursing field.

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