Essay: The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

Sample Essay

Several historians consider that it was the assassination of Franz Ferdinand that brought events to a point where the scales tipped out of balance. Even though what immediately followed was a series of diplomatic discussions and meetings that did anything but prevent circumstances from moving towards war (Duffy, 2009). The Serbian led assassination of the Archduke was one that eventually led to the declaration of Austria-Hungary’s war on Serbia.

Another reason that is often regarded as a prime contributing factor to the taking place of the First World War is the fact that the First World War was more than a conflict between countries but was a clash between imperialism, militarism and nationalism. Imperialism in the preface of the First World War was present in the form of the expansive British Empire.

The British Empire, as stated earlier was vast and stretched out across the five continents. Similarly, the French dominated upon African colonies (Historyonthenet, 2010). The onset of industrialism led to the demand for new markets. This demand for new markets turned into intense rivalry as a result of the presence of French and British dominance in key trading locations across the world.

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