Essay: Attributes of Workaholics

Sample Essay

Another aspect that makes the workaholic a preferred individual is the fact that the workaholic is exactly the kind of employee that the modern day organization requires in the present state of the market. An example of this fact can be seen in the phenomena that a usage of the term workaholic is one in which the term is used to highlight the requirements of a position. The term is often used in advertisements for vacancies to stress on the degree to which the applicant must be willing to work through grueling workloads. Workaholics are self-motivated and they are therefore are capable of leading others through problems and complex situations. Their ability to keep themselves going allows them to sustain their performance and allows them to come across as an example to others.

Fundamentally, an individual can have any one of four motivators present as the cause for choosing to become a workaholic. The individual may be work oriented, economic oriented, leisure oriented or perquisite oriented. However, in either one of the four cases, the individual’s efficiency increases and the individual reaches a point of self-actualization where no external motivation is required to serve as the drive to work hard.

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