Essay: Bomber Pilot A Memoir of World War II

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Bomber Pilot: A Memoir of World War II also gives accounts from the beginning of World War two to its end, speaking from the perspective of the Allied forces. The author gives several details about the war and about his life outside of the cockpit. He also describes several of his campaigns in great detail putting the reader right in the middle of the action. He also speaks of his family life and his life as an officer of the military. However through it all the reader forms no true bond with the author due to his emotional aloofness with the subject in front of him. Much of his writing is distant and does not even spark of emotion when speaking of his family or dead comrades.

He is also responsible for glossing over many of the details of men because of his propensity to comment on his status and to justify his behavior as a commander. He also speaks of many incidents between his men who require an emotional link from the reader to receive any form of understanding or interest. However due to the constant even tone of the book this link is never established and the stories about the squabbles between his men become distractions and his constant justifications of his actions purposeless exposition. In the end the man though providing a well thought out account of some of the more exciting campaign during World War Two does not however give the complete picture of the experiences these men went through something which the pictures laden in his book can attest to (Ardery, 1978).

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