Essay: Bomber Pilot and Five Years Four Fronts

Sample Essay

In the end both authors give a detailed account of life in and outside the military at the time of World War Two. Each author takes one side, however while Grossjohann does not seem to take sides in his book simply detailing the lives of German soldiers at that time. Ardery’s writings always seem to be more biased and focused towards his own personal ideals rather than those of men or the war. Five years four fronts also have one important aspect that the other book sorely lacks, emotion.

When we read Grossjohann’s accounts it is clear that the author simply wishes to detail the experiences he went through and his feelings about the situation he was in at the time without any prejudgments. However Bomber Pilot is completely detached from its subject matter emotionally making the reader wonder if this is a true recollection from the writer at all. Both books show their shortcomings when speaking about various campaigns in the war. While Five years four fronts do not adequately describe each battle fought on the ground, Bomber pilot does manage to keep the reader on the edge of his seat giving detailed and visceral descriptions from high in the air. In a switch Bomber Pilot finds itself woefully inadequate outside of the cockpit while Grossjohann shows many sides of the war that may not have been known to the reader before both in terms of German soldiers and the civilians they interacted with. As personal history Five years four fronts is an invaluable look into the lives of German Zwolfenders. While Bomber Pilot though an interesting read does not do justice to the campaigns it focuses on. While in Ardery’s account he seems to be more interested in talking about his success in the military rather than the difficulties he faced getting there.  Additionally the viewpoint of Grossjohann changes as he is promoted from a simple infantryman to the leader of his troops giving a much broader and continuously changing narrative.

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