Essay: Borough of Macungie

Sample Essay

Nestled on Route 100, the Kings Highway near the Brookside Country Club, Macungie is a borough in Lehigh Country, Pennsylvania. Situated in the Allentown-Bethlehem metro area, it is the second oldest borough in the country and derives its names from the Algonquian term used to describe “Bear’s feeding ground.” This is also depicted by the current seal of the borough which shows a bear drinking at some cattail. The borough was incorporated in 1857.

Although Macungie houses one of the smaller communities in the state, it has some of the most beautiful parks and recreational facilities available. The Macungie Flower Park is one of the most beautiful sights in the borough. It also allows the viewing of trains at its old train station. Another recreational park in Macungie is the Kalmbach Memorial park. This offers some of the best youth programs in the borough. It also provides hiking and nature trails, as well as guides who can show people the sights the park has to offer. Finally the largest park in Macungie is the Macungie memorial park. Not only does this park have recreational areas such as swimming pools and basketball courts. The 42 acre park also offers a place where several festivals take place every year, including the Antique truck shows, dog shows and more. The Das Awkscht Fescht or the August festival is held in Macungie Park and is the largest antique and classic car show in the United States. The Wheels of time festival is another where the community celebrates everything old including cars, a flea market, arts and crafts, etc. Other recreational leisure to visit includes the Farmer’s market and the Macungie institute.

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