Essay: Brighouse’s opposition towards teaching patriotism

Sample Essay

Brighouse builds upon the simple differences between the perceptions that exist towards the pledge of allegiance across the American education system. Brighouse notes that there is a strong need to realize the fact that history textbooks do not always provide precise recollections of historical events (Brighouse, 2006). Brighouse further criticizes that history textbooks tend to be biased where national history is concerned. Brighouse’s stance on the teaching of patriotism can be surmised and summarized best in his own statement when he states that “promoting patriotism on solidarity and citizenship grounds is playing with fire, even if the national sentiment in play is relatively benign” (Brighouse, 2006).

Brighouse believes that by teaching students patriotism, they are brought up in a state of mind in which they can be expected to refrain from demanding justice for themselves in cases where the very justly deserve it. Brighouse further asserts that patriotism, if integrated into society in this manner, can result in the reluctance of students towards considering the relevance of reasonable debate and critical evaluation (Brighouse, 2006). Brighouse denounces the practice of teaching patriotism by asserting that it causes the unintentional manufacturing of a patriotic bent of mind in the students.

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