Essay: Bringing Justice in Criminal Justice System

Sample Essay

However, confidentiality and ethics of course do not prevent the above professionals from divulging information in all cases. Aside from situations where the client may wish the lawyer or doctor to divulge information, other circumstances include cases where such data must be given according to law. It can also be in the case where the professionals have to defend themselves. Perhaps, the most important reason for the revealing of such information is if keeping such information confidential may cause bodily harm to a certain individual in the future (Pollock, 2008).

It is of course difficult to say whether or not these ethical and confidentiality guidelines protect the rights of the professional more or the individual. However, their importance in bringing justice within the criminal justice system, as well as protecting the rights of the accused cannot be denied. Though, the system itself is not foolproof and has flaws it does not detract from its importance in serving justice.

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