Essay: Value Chain Management Requirements to Work

Sample Essay

1.  Coordination and Collaboration
Coordination and collaboration is integral to Smart Chips. Smart Chips needs to exercise extensive collaboration and coordination with its distributors and third party vendors in order to delay the cloning process and to ensure that the chips manufactured are in adequate availability to authentic consumers.
2. Technology Investment
Technology investment can go one of two ways for Smart Chips. It can either choose to curb technology investment and step down from being an innovator in the micro-chip industry, or it can channel increasing investment towards technology in an attempt to develop patented technology that cannot be cloned by competitors unless they channel the same extensive volume of investment towards technology. It is important to highlight that in the case of Smart Chips, this is one of Robbins’ factors of the value chain that concentrates on an internal characteristic of Smart Chips (Robbins & Coulter, 2006).
3. Organizational Process
The organizational process shall have to be subjected to thresholds and clearly outlined processes in order to ensure that no element of ambiguity remains about the functions of each component of the company (Robbins & Coulter, 2006). Processes need to be defined in strategic terms in order to ensure that they have far reaching implications.

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